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Noyes & Noyes

Posted by: Di Wright

Anglia Wright Advice is pleased to welcome Noyes & Noyes, Chartered Surveyors and Commerical Property Consultants as a new client.  AWA is assisting Noyes & Noyes to ensure hazards are identified and properly managed in their commerical properties, with particular reference to reducing the risks associated with maintenance contractor activities

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New H&S Consultants' National Register

Posted by: Di Wright

This week saw the launch of the new national Register for Occupational Safety & Health Consultants.  This Register is a very useful means of clients being able to ensure that they choose a competent consultant to adivse and support them.  Anglia Wright Advice is pleased to announce that its Principal Consultant Diana Wright has been accepted to be entered onto this Register, thereby providing existing and prospective clients with the reassurance that they are receiving a high quality service,

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